Strengthening and Empowering the Lives  of  Females Inc.

Alyna and Latiaare the head instructors and mentors at SELF, Inc. As session instructors, they create an environment to nourish growth, understanding, and respect amongst the group. They tailor each session to coincide with the seven core topic areas; Self-Discovery, History & Culture, Purpose, Spirituality, Leadership, Relationship Building and Cooperative Economics. To engage the girls each session lesson is reinforced with an activity, field trip or guest speaker.

Reflecting on many great mentors in their lives, Alyna and Latia understands the importance of having a
mentor and  passing on wisdom to young girls in need of guidance and encouragement. They hold fast to the idea that the world is your oyster; knowing yourself, respecting yourself, and setting high standards for yourself, plays a major role in blossoming into beautiful, confident and resilient young women.

Alyna and Latia enjoys motivating this inaugural cohort of girls and leading them on their journey to
self-discovery, sisterhood and womanhood

session instructors